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George Hart Slides

Mary K

I had luck with some of the file conversions - but not all. I am uploading those which worked out easy. Some of the files did not copy and paste into Inkscape for some reason. I was able to quickly convert 4 of them, should keep you busy! They are all .svg, don't forget to save them as .pdf's



Here is a project that will raster a fractal pattern unto a piece of plywood, as well as (hopefully) a vector setting that will cut out the larger squares.

UPDATE: Cut and raster 10.17.2010
CUT: 50% speed, 100% power
RASTER: 10% speed, 100% power, 500Hz
MATERIAL: 1/4 inch plywood

7:33 to raster, vector cutting ends a 9:23
A second run of the same pattern ends at 9:25. Not the most accurate timepiece!

Art Students files

I want to do this file on the modella and make a stamp. What do I do first to start.

I am still trying to send you the jpg format. I have managed to get it into pdf format.

beer dog mascot

Not sure what happened to last nights posting, but here we go again...

family photo

Here's a photo to reproduce

Jumping Beans

Beans jumping around

Star pattern

I am trying to put a face on the star.

svg files

Here are a few .svg files

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